Beauty Blogger Akai Kotei takes us through Flawless makeup application

Apply an orange corrector to the dark marks from acne scaring or to hyper pigmentation especially around the mouth area. The color corrector evens out the skin tone so the skin appears to be one shade.
I use the La Girl orange corrector which is so affordable it’s unbelievable!


Next step apply concealer to the parts of your face that you want to stand out like the areas under your eyes, your cheek bones, forehead, and chin area. My favorite concealers are the LA Girl pro concealer in fawn, Nars creamy radiance concealer in Amande and the Maybelline fit met concealer in café.



Final step is to apply a darker shade on the perimeter of your face, under your cheekbones and the sides of your nose to get that chiseled model like face feature. To further enhance the contour, apply setting powder under the contour on your cheeks.

My favorite contour products are the Stila Shape and shade in deep and the sleep contour kit in dark.


Finish off by applying setting powder, blush to add color to your face and highlighter for that extra glow.

Always remember you are fantastic with or without flaws…





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