Hello Beautiful, Make Your Own Unique Solid Perfume

Today, we’re going to learn how to make our own solid perfume, and I promise you (PROMISE YOU) that if you choose to do this, no one in the world will smell just like you :). Perfume makes a wonderful gift, and this solid version is great to keep in the handbag or on a desk.


What you need:

Note: If you use only shea butter, your solid perfume will be best suited to a pot as it will be soft. To make this solid enough for a lip balm tube, use 15% cocoa butter or all cocoa butter. 


1. Place all ingredients APART FROM FRAGRANCE OIL & VITAMIN E in a double boiler and melt until liquid.

2. Remove from the heat and once it has cooled to 45 degrees C, add the fragrance oil and vitamin E.

3. Pour into a clean container and let set.





Ingredients available on  Jumia.




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